Learn to letter better with Just Follow Your Art! 

This class is perfect for anyone looking to learn a new skill, those seeking a creative hobby, or folks looking to gift themselves an evening of self-care and inspiration. Jesi is a self-taught lettering artist + has a master’s degree in education, so you can expect an engaging, effective, and no-pressure learning environment!

At this workshop you will receive:

  • small group instruction covering hand lettering basics, including time to practice with guided instruction
  • Jesi’s tips + tricks she has learned in over eight years of lettering, including step by step demonstrations
  • Proper connective lettering techniques and a discussion between the difference of hand lettering and calligraphy
  • Packet of practice worksheets to help you get inspired and help you hone in on your signature style

Register + learn more by following the links below:

March 31st in Indianapolis, IN

April 3rd in Detroit, MI